Calvin Straub, F.A.I.A. Design

Buff, Straub and Hensman, Architects

1694 Putney Road, Pasadena, CA 91103

The Holland/ Goudzwaard Residence, 1958-2007 If there is a direct link with today’s environmental concerns in architecture with the California Case Study Architects, it would have to be through Calvin Straub. His dedication to create responsible environmental design, and show how the built environment can be an integral part of a better world, is perfectly demonstrated here at the Holland/Goudzwaard Residence. The property reflects meticulous care, with sensitive updates by architectural designer Bob Moore, who was recommended to the house by Don Hensman. Sited up a private drive, on a mountain promontory, the residence offers a retreat to peace, privacy within a forested setting and open plan living/dining areas.

  • bedrooms: 3
  • baths: 2
  • garage: 2
  • Swimming Pool: N

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