The Pearson Residence

The Pearson Residence, 1953

TheĀ  curvilinear private drive ascends to an exceedingly rare ridgetop plateau site. Here the architects draw the public space across the ridge to allow for remarkable vistas where the rake of the nearly 40 foot roof beams carries the sight lines from inside out & up to Mount Wilson, or down to the Pacific Ocean coastline. The spacious light-filled open plan interiors incorporate the kitchen at the...

The Schipper Residence, 1952

Gold Medal winner John Kewell, AIA likely met Merle Schipper, who was an art critic, writer, and curator, through their mutual academic associations. Although Kewell is best known for his larger projects such as a masterplan for Cal Tech, his design for Merle's hillside site in Westwood, which is easy walking distance from U.C.L.A., is a classic of the period. Merle did much of her work at home so a plan...

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