Villa Delcourt - Richard Neutra, Architect

Maison Delcourt, 1969

Iconic California Architecture in the North of France Also called Villa Neutra, this modern house was built in 1969 for the industrialist Marcel Delcourt, an entrepreneur from the North (CEO of 3 Suisses from 1948 to 1988). Designed by the American architect Richard Neutra, in collaboration with his son Dion Neutra and his partner Bruno Honegger, this house is the architect's only project in France and...

Richard Neutra, Architect - The Brice Residence

The Brice Residence, 1936-1950

Neutra House for Sale First offering since 1950:  Richard Neutra’s Plywood Brice Residence (also known as the Super-Plywood Model House), 1936-1950 comes with a rich history. Predecessor to John Entenza’s Case Study House Program, Neutra’s Douglas Fir Plywood Demonstration House was originally built for a House & Garden exhibition to showcase a modern living lifestyle. After a successful run,...

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