Valuing Architecture as Art The Recent Sale of the Manola Apartments by Architect Rudolph Schindler defies the use of Standard Appraisal Techniques by John C. Carlson The terraced property at 1807 Edgecliffe Drive in L.A.’s Silver Lake neighborhood isn’t just … Continue reading

A Double-Loaded House Zoltan Pali, FAIA by Andrea Dietz Current Photographs by Cameron Carothers unless otherwise noted “They just wouldn’t leave.” In 2010, participants of a Dwell Home Tour overstayed their visit to Beverly Hills’s Caverhill House. Entranced, mesmerized, they … Continue reading

Temple of Steel Daphne Residence, Craig Ellwood, Designer by Pierluigi Serraino Current Photographs by Scott Mayoral unless otherwise noted Completed in 1961, this single family house designed by noted designer Craig Ellwood (1922-1992) today is as pristine as it was … Continue reading

Editor’s Note Brave New World? by Crosby Doe Over the years I have been lucky enough to have represented many of the greatest works of residential architecture in Southern California—Frank Lloyd Wright’s Millard House, Lloyd Wright’s Taggart House, Richard Neutra’s … Continue reading

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Harwell Hamilton Harris, FAIA Mary and Lee Blair House, 1939 by Alan Hess Current Photographs by Cameron Carothers unless otherwise noted The ultimate emblem of America’s mid-twentieth century love affair with modernism may not be the iconic 1949 Eames fiberglass … Continue reading

Jones House #1 Designed by A. Quincy Jones and Ruth Schneider by Cory Buckner Current Photographs by Cameron Carothers unless otherwise noted In 1936, A. Quincy Jones relocated from Seattle to Los Angeles with his girlfriend and fellow student Ruth … Continue reading

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