Greene & Greene, Architects Adaptation and Perseverence The Bolton/Culbertson House by Mimi Zeiger The Bolton/Culbertson House in Pasadena wears its more than 100-year history well. Located on West Del Mar Boulevard, just off Millionaires Row, the stately Craftsman bungalow seems … Continue reading

The Kambara House In Neutra’s Silver Lake Colony by Barbara Lamprecht Photos (2014) by Cameron Carothers It is rare to find a house designed by Richard Neutra (1892 – 1970) in absolutely original condition. Still rarer to find it beautifully … Continue reading

Soaring Space: John Lautner’s Silvertop by Frank Escher Photos by Cameron Carothers In a booklet that client Kenneth Reiner and architect John Lautner published for tours conducted at an un-finished Silvertop in early 1960 (to raise funds for another collaboration … Continue reading

Classic California Courtyard Hacienda Ojai, California by Jocelyn Gibbs Many houses evoke personal memories for current or former inhabitants. Some great houses, if they are recognized and preserved, become part of our collective memory for cultural and historical reasons. The … Continue reading

The “New California House” by Nicholas Olsberg American architects in the first years of the Twentieth Century were in desperate search for an end to what Joy Wheeler Dow called “the reign of terror” wrought by the grandiose, over-wrought and … Continue reading

The John A. Smith House La Habra Heights, California by Jocelyn Gibbs Cliff May (1908-1989), the designer and builder famous for popularizing the California ranch house, insisted that he “built just one kind of house, had just one style.” The … Continue reading

The John Storer Residence, 1923 By Nicholas Olsberg Current Photographs by Tim Street-Porter “Frank Lloyd Wright . . . creates architecture as a plastic whole and perceives the new spiritual forces working in the inner being of the masses, in … Continue reading

Pavilions in Nature Pierluigi Serraino, AIA Current Photographs by Cameron Carothers Behind great architecture there is always a great client. It is a known fact. The past ancient and recent is full of such examples. That kind of patronage is … Continue reading