Tom Kundig, Architect

Studio House, 1997

970 NW Elford Drive, Seattle, WA, 98177

The Studio House stands as Tom Kundig's breakthrough project one that brought him in contact with a patron who was excited to experiment with raw materials in creating an interactive dwelling that was "rooted in the past, yet predictive of the future." Intentionally rustic and proven materials, such as structural steel and concrete are celebrated for the strength and connection to the elements that they provide, yet spaces are carefully edited, adhering to the disciplined, modernist line that has come to define Kundig's work. The strict massing of the structure and meticulous sighting are gleefully contrasted with playfully interactive and industrial mechanical systems, while opulent spaces are made simple with the most austere fixtures. Structure soars and inspires and connects the indoors with nature through magnificent walls of glass, and light is treated as the final building material in this living sculpture.

  • SOLD
  • bedrooms: 4
  • baths: 4.5
  • garage: 3
  • area: 7140 sq. ft.
  • Swimming Pool: Y

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