USModernist is a prominent online platform dedicated to celebrating and preserving the rich legacy of mid-century modern architecture and design in the United States. Founded by George Smart, an architect and passionate advocate for modernist architecture, this website has evolved into a comprehensive resource for enthusiasts, architects, historians, and anyone interested in the iconic design movements of the 20th century. UsModernist.org stands out as an invaluable repository of information, offering a vast collection of articles, interviews, photographs, and audio content that delves deep into the history, architects, and structures that define the mid-century modern era.

One of the standout features of USModernist is its expansive archive of radio interviews and podcasts, where George Smart engages with renowned architects, designers, and scholars to explore the nuances of modernist architecture. This platform’s commitment to education and preservation extends beyond its digital presence, as it organizes tours, events, and even a film festival that brings the modernist movement to life for a wider audience. With its dedication to archiving, promoting, and celebrating the enduring appeal of mid-century modern design, USModernist.org has become an indispensable hub for anyone seeking to immerse themselves in the captivating world of American modernist architecture.

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  • $120,000
  • Bed: Bedrooms: 5
  • Bath: Baths: 6.00
  • Living Area: 3857 sq. ft.

  • $65,000,000
  • Bed: Bedrooms: 9
  • Bath: Baths: 14.00
  • Living Area: 30000 sq. ft.

John Byers

The Flint Houses

  • $40,000
  • Bed: Bedrooms: 5
  • Bath: Baths: 5.00
  • Living Area: 4996 sq. ft.

Don Mclaughlin

  • $2,445,000
  • Bed: Bedrooms: 3
  • Bath: Baths: 4.00
  • Living Area: 2492 sq. ft.

Henry Hartwell Hester, A.I.A.

  • $2,195,000
  • Bed: Bedrooms: 5
  • Bath: Baths: 3.00
  • Living Area: 2616 sq. ft.

William Hefner

The Flight House

  • $23,995,000
  • Bed: Bedrooms: 6
  • Bath: Baths: 7.00
  • Living Area: 8008 sq. ft.

Dan Saxon Palmer, AIA

Sandpiper Condominiums, Circle 11

  • $6,000
  • Bed: Bedrooms: 2
  • Bath: Baths: 2.00
  • Living Area: 1300 sq. ft.

SB Grand Building

  • $489,000
  • Bed: Bedrooms: 1
  • Bath: Baths: 1.00
  • Living Area: 860 sq. ft.

Dan Saxon Palmer, AIA

Sandpiper Condominiums, Circle 12

  • $6,950
  • Bed: Bedrooms: 2
  • Bath: Baths: 2.00
  • Living Area: 1626 sq. ft.

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