John Byers architect (circa 1928) + Lubowicki/Lanier Architecture, 1993

The Susan Stringfellow Residence

1100 S Gretna Green Way, Brentwood, CA 90049


The Stringfellow Residence is widely published and celebrated both in print and online. Perhaps the most significant recognition was its winning the Record House Award from Architectural Record, the premier architectural journal in America, shortly after construction. Thus, this home joins an elite group of houses that more than for any intellectual reasons, are recognized because they elevate the human spirit. This is the gift that the Stringfellow Residence and its gardens subtly convey every day to owners and guests alike.


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    3 Bedrooms
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    2 Bathrooms
  • John Byers architect (circa 1928) + Lubowicki/Lanier Architecture, 1993: Architect
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    Property ID: 28690

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  • Country: United States