Editor’s Note: The Game-Changer

By Crosby Doe

In a perfect world, it might seem, any piece of real estate on the market that is showcased in an architecture magazine like this one would still be available for sale when the issue reaches the reader. But after only a few issues of architectureforsale quarterly, I’ve found that the publishing process is so intensive – between researching, writing, acquiring rights to photos, to say nothing of the detailed demands of design and production—that it’s inevitable some featured properties will be sold before the ink dries.

Such is the case with this issue’s cover subject – one of L.A.’s most iconic architectural residences, Silvertop. On the market for the first time in 40 years, this arching concrete-and-glass home capping a hill overlooking the Silver Lake Reservoir is arguably John Lautner’s masterpiece. So it should be no surprise that it sold well before we went to press. But as then, Silvertop has always been, and will always be, a game changer—for the city, the community, and the legendary architect himself. And for me too, I was introduced to the landmark when it was sold for the first time in 1974. It was a revelation to discover Lautner’s bold design and recognize the breadth of ingenuity that exists in Los Angeles. The sight of Silvertop inspired me to learn more about architecture and architects, giving me that much more incentive to stay on top of the real-estate market in every way I could. In short, it changed my life. It was also a game changer for the Burchill family, who have owned it ever since, shaping the way they lived their lives. And it will be a game changer for the next family that moves in.

But why feature a property in architectureforsale quarterly – on the cover no less – if it has already been sold? The best answer I can offer is that the focus of architectureforsale quarterly is not just the properties currently on the market. It is more about the architecture market itself. My goal is to create a home for homes with architectural integrity that have the power to change lives—and marketplaces. Whether they’re newly available or recently sold, the properties in architectureforsale quarterly deserve and demand attention—and celebration—at any time. Also, the title of the magazine deliberately references architectureforsale.com, the growing and increasingly vital online real-estate site where you can find information about international, world-class architecture. In keeping with the game­–changing spirit, architectureforsale.com was the first to announce the availability of Silvertop – the day before it was made public in the Wall Street Journal.

Aside from getting the story of Silvertop in this issue, you can also look forward to expanded content, such as Nicholas Olsberg’s article on “Laboratories For The Living: Architects And The Modern House,” and important newsworthy events which impact the market for architecture. As always, I hope you enjoy the issue and find a place for it in your library.

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