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What Is Design For Living?

Whatever the downsides of the Social Media age we are living in, one of its advantages is that it has never been easier to see what is being designed and what is being built right now.  On LinkedIn; on architects' websites; and on Instagram, in particular. Instagram offers a nearly inexhaustible trove of images of new architecture, design and furniture. Accounts curated by professional designers,...

The Most Famous Architect You’ve Never Heard Of

  Bruce Alonzo Goff (born 1904, died 1982) never studied directly with Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin. East or West – Wright's architecture school was largely developed in Scottsdale, Arizona (where until recently it was still headquartered.) Unlike John Lautner, who completed his degree at Taliesin under Wright's direct supervision. But the teen-aged Goff apprenticed to a leading Tulsa...

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